Weird is the new cool!
An international high-quality custom car magazine focusing mainly, but not only, on cool customs,
lowriders and hot rods built out of more or less uncommon material.
Well, more of a cool book really, cause it's a magazine merely by name.

DISKUSTOM MAGAZINE number 4 is now out and available

Show reports

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (Japan) 
Babbitt Bank Trophy (Japan) 
CKOS Lead Parking (Sweden) 
Rat Fink Reunion (Sweden)
CC Reunion (Belgium)
Relux Delux (Japan)
Kustom Kulture Show (Finland)

Featured vehicles

Renault Monaquatre “31 Razor” 1931
Kustomfab Rod & Kustom Shop
Toyopet Masterline 1967
Larsson Customizing
Undertakers CC
Pontiac 1960
Chevy El Camino 1959
Chevy Parkwood 1961
Ford Thames “Lil Red Herringbus” 1948
Volvo Amazon
Honda Odyssey “Addams” 1995
Toyota Crown 1969
Honda CB250RS 1980
Datsun Bluebird 1966
Kawasaki Estrella “Hongo Magico” 1995
Chevy Impala 1973
Willys-Overland “Spare Parts Special” 1920
Volkswagen T3