Weird is the new cool!
An international high-quality custom car magazine focusing mainly, but not only, on cool customs,
lowriders and hot rods built out of more or less uncommon material.
Well, more of a cool book really, cause it's a magazine merely by name.

DISKUSTOM MAGAZINE number 3 is now out and available

Show reports

Custom Hill Reunion
Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show

Featured vehicles

Barkas Framo
Nissan D21 "Almost"
Rambler American "Raus Rambler"
Volkswagen Squareback
Citroen DS "Les DS'rable"
Chevy Bel Air
Chevy 3100
Opel Kadett B pick-up
Ford Fiesta
Chevy 1951
Raleigh Model 15 "Evileigh"